Friday, December 4, 2009

Sidd goes to America

Siddhartha unboarded the plane with a curious look on his face. It had been almost a year since Angel had last seen Siddhartha who had never been to an air port. In fact, this would be his first trip to the United States. Siddhartha walked cautiously toward Angel wearing a long orange robe and brown sandals. In his hand, he carried a brown leather suitcase which they open after a brief greeting. Inside, carefully folded, were three orange robes placed on top of three pairs of brown sandals. It was like a collage of orange and brown!

The wardrobe that Siddhartha wore was not commonly seen in the United States. Soon a limo arrived and they were headed for Cape Cod where they would be spending some time together meditating. As they reached the beach house, Angel asked Siddhartha if he would like different clothing more appropriate for an evening at the club with some friends. Siddhartha wasn’t very comfortable with the idea, but agreed, telling Angel that if he were to travel to his home he would wear the customary outfit of orange and brown.

Siddhartha sat motionless as he listened to the soft sounds of the waves crashing. Angel listened as well, but he was more vulnerable to distraction and his stomach saying, “Feed me Angel!” As they sat they could smell the salt water, and hear the strong winds pass by. The surroundings were such that meditation would be effortless. As the two concentrated they floated into a state of relaxation. Angel began to feel his hunger slowly retreat. The more relaxed they became the more sounds they heard; the birds chirping as they hunted the beach for a meal, the fish jumping in and out of the salt water, the roar of the seals deeper in the water on the rocks.

Siddhartha and Angel got done meditating and went off to eat lunch. They decided to head back to the beach house to make some pizza. Siddhartha thought pizza was a very unusual food compared to what he eats in India. His face contorted very strangely with every bite he took. As he took a drink from the cup filled with Sprite soda, he jumped from his seat shaking his head saying, “It stings, it stings!” As you can imagine, it was quite a funny site for Angel. When they finished eating, Angel gave Siddhartha a pair of white and blue Jordan’s, black jeans, and blue skull shirt. They called for the limo. When the limo arrived, they were on their way to meet some close friends of Angel. When they arrived at the Boys and Girls club in Holyoke, they met one of Angel’s friends named Kyntrel.

Angel and Siddhartha were going to be volunteer help selling food at the Fury In Fight Town mixed martial arts events taking place. There was loud music, yelling, and amateur and professional mixed martial arts fights. Siddhartha was shocked and kept asking why we enjoy watching people fight in a ring? He complained of it being to loud, he didn’t like the smell of the food, and he didn’t enjoy watching people bleed. Every time something good would happen Kyntrel would hug Siddhartha. The hugging was Siddhartha’s favorite part of that night. At the end of the night Siddhartha told Angel he didn’t like fighting. Just so he knew incase Siddhartha came to America again.

I believe the best life style that suets Siddhartha is living in the woods or living alone so he can meditating for the rest of his life. I believe that if Siddhartha has not reached enlightment he will reach it if he keeps doing what he is doing. Siddhartha is a calm man not a party man. Siddhartha is the Buddha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Afganastan reunion

Kite Runner- Amir
Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nght Time- Christopher
Afganastan where Amir spent a large portion of his child hood.

One summer day Amir was walking down his home land in Afghanistan visiting his old friend who was very sick. As he was walking the streets he once played on as a young boy with his friends and the best Kite Runner in all Afghanistan he ran into his old friend Christopher. When he ran into Christopher the only thing running through his mind was why Christopher would be all the way down here.
“Christopher? What bring you here where my people live?”
“I am here trying to figure out a case. Someone killed my neighbor’s dog. Oh wow look at the kites flying”
Amir and Christopher went walking around the streets catching up and talking about old times. As Amir walked around with Christopher it reminded him so much of his father who passed 15 years earlier.
“How is your family back in the United States?”
“I have been married for about 15 years. My father passed not long after my wedding.”
“Oh wow. Do you have any kids? I’m sorry to here about your father.”
“No I do not have any kids. My wife and I cannot have children. We have visited many doctors but only advice we get is to adopt.”
“Why don’t you adopt then?”
“The problem with adopting and my religion is people like to know the back round and how far back there family goes before choosing a young man or women for marriage.”
As Christopher and Amir Spoke on Amir learned the struggles and down side to Christopher.
“How is your father Christopher?”
“He is doing well; I think he has something to do with the murder of the dog next door. He always takes away my journal. I think it’s because I have such hard evidence. OH WOW look at those kids playing soccer.”
When he mentioned the soccer playing it reminded Amir of how his father wanted him to be a good soccer player and toughen up through out his child hood. Then it dawned on him that he almost forgot how he met Christopher.
“Christopher? You remember how we met?”
“Yes of course. How could I ever forget that day? You saved me from the school bully’s when you first moved to the United States with your father. A lot of people made fun of me because of my disabilities. You were the first person to step up for me and say something. But I never knew why you moved away without even a goodbye. You left so fast. After you left people began doing the old things again. Pushing me around, throwing rocks at me when I road my bike home, put peanut butter in my pants, and worst of all fluff in my hair.”
Amir was very quiet for a very long time. Then the silence broke when Amir asked if Christopher was still attending his math classes. Christopher responded with a quick yes as if he did not want to be spoken to.
“Christopher I understand I left wrong an should of said my goodbye’s, but I did not want to leave. I was forced to leave so I can pursue a better education somewhere that would take me somewhere in life.”